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SWISS BOARD R8 (Eng)2021-05-31T15:13:36+02:00

All you need to tackle a mountain

A simple engineering project

The simplest concepts and ideas are those that revolutionize things, revolutionize the world. For example, with Swiss Board R8,you will no longer need ski lifts or chairlifts, you will no longer have to follow mandatory routes. You will be able to move freely up the mountain, to face it as you see fit.
And this is a very simple concept.


Pieces already
in pre-order:



Everything under control

Swiss Board R8 is equipped with remote control (Bluetooth), conveniently positioned on one of the ski sticks.

  • A small joystick to set and maintain direction

  • One button to close and deactivate SWISS BOARD R8

  • One button to open and reactivate SWISS BOARD R8

Swiss Board - Comando a distanza

Frequently asked questions

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WHAT IS A PRE-ORDER?2021-05-02T23:20:34+02:00

Right now there is only one prototype of Swiss Board R8 and, to be able to put into mass production, it’s necessary to have a base of initial order of at least 1,000 copies. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to pre-order and purchase Swiss Board R8 before it’s available for sale. In this way the product is reserved and you are sure to have it as soon as it’s made available for purchase. The amount of products available for pre-order, however, is limited. This means that the first stock can run out before everyone can receive a Swiss Board R8, if not pre-ordered. In that case we’ll provide an estimated date for the availability of the next stock.

WHY PREORDER SWISS BOARD R8?2021-05-04T00:52:12+02:00

The pre-order allows you to book a Swiss Board R8 easily and without inconvenience. It guarantees you to receive the product in the limited edition of the first production run. In fact, thanks to the pre-order, Swiss Board R8 will be shipped comfortably to your home automatically, as soon as it’s available in stock.


When you pre-order the amount will be charged immediately. You will be charged to your account as soon as it successfully completed the payment process.

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE THE ORDER?2021-05-03T09:50:26+02:00

Your order will be shipped as soon as the actual sale begins. If the order has been pre-ordered, we will send it to you as soon as it’s available in stock.

CAN I CANCEL A PRE-ORDER?2021-05-03T09:58:07+02:00

We are aware that you may change your mind after placing a pre-order. In that case, you will need to contact our Customer Service and ask to cancel the pre-order and, of course, to be refunded. Warning: you can only cancel a pre-order before shipping. Once the order has been shipped it will no longer be possible to cancel it.

I CAN EDIT A PRE-ORDER?2021-05-03T10:01:51+02:00

Unfortunately pre-orders cannot be changed after payment. If you need to, we recommend you just make a new pre-order for other Swiss Board R8.

WHAT HAPPENS IF WE DON’T REACH 1,000 PRE-ORDERS?2022-05-03T14:47:25+02:00

We believe in this fantastic and innovative product and we are convinced that we will be able to reach the target threshold of 1,000 pre-orders within a few months. Of course, the opposite cannot be ruled out either, so we have also had to set a time limit.


Enjoy the feeling of freedom.

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Pre-orders will be processed quickly as soon as Swiss Board R8 is available in stock.

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